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Prentice Robinson is Cherokee and a member of the Cherokee Nation. He has spoken the language all his life and was the first to produce and record an audio Cherokee language study program. He holds a Master’s degree in education and is a retired school teacher.

Cherokee Made Easy is packaged with¬†one audio CD ¬†containing vocabulary, sentences and phrases, explanation of the syllabary and instruction on how to read and write Cherokee. Elderly relatives advised Prentice to “teach the language in its full and accurate pronunciation”, and that is the way Cherokee Made Easy is presented.

“Our purpose is to make it easy to learn the language and history. The products we provide are well researched and reasonably priced for anyone interested in learning about the Cherokee culture. We report the Cherokee story in an accurate unbiased manner, keeping the focus positive and independent of blame or bitterness. Our information covers the earliest records dating back to the elders of the 1700s, their acceptance of Christ and its impact on their culture in the 1800s, and on through the twenty-first century as an advanced tribe with their own self government.”

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  1. Lelaruth Greco

    I purchased Cherokee study course- intermediate workbook, but it did not come with a audio tape in it. I would like to know if there is anyway I could get the audio tape.


  2. Wildcat Carrie

    Dear Prentice

    My name is Wildcat Carrie, I translated my Native name on a translation site and it came up as Wilidikati Kawi. I am of Cherokee Ancestry and was elected as one of the Elders of The United Cherokee Republic of North America. I would like to learn and speak the language and would like to find out how to receive your CD.

    Thank you for taking time to read and answer my email. I look forward in hearing from you soon.

    Warm Regards,

    Wilidikati Kawi (Wildcat Carrie)

  3. danny@pipermediaservices.com Post author

    You can send me a check or money order for cherokee made easy, a book and CD for $45.00 plus $7.00 shipping or
    you can get study course I for $25.00 plus $7.00 shipping, both of these are beginners. cherokee made easy has more in it.

    send to prentice robinson, 3639 S Fir blvd, Broken Arrow, Ok. 74011

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