Cherokee Made Easy


A Cherokee Language study in booklet form and compact disc containing vocabulary, sentences and phrases of common usage, and explanation of the syllabary with instruction on how to read and write.  – $45.00

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The Gospel of John


Cherokee Gospel of John is an audio book in parallel reading in Cherokee and English.  Largest vocabulary and audio of the language in existence.  The reading of the Gospel is by Prentice and Willena Robinson. – $25.00

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Sacred Hymns in Cherokee


Hymns in Cherokee Language.  Songs and Hymns of the Culture Spanning the 18th – 20th Centuries.  These were sung on the “Trail of Tears.”  The songs included on Volume I are: Amazing Grace, At the Cross, Sweet Hour of Prayer, Jesus Loves Me, What a Friend, Just As I AM.  The songs on Volume II are: One Drop, There Is A Fountain, Abide With Me, Guide Me O’ Thou, I Will Arise, Rock of Ages, Careless Soul, Silent Night. – $20.00

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