Your Name in Cherokee


Your Name in Cherokee is a little book that answers the often asked questions, “How would you pronounce my name in Cherokee?”  It contains more than one thousand (1000) English names written in the Cherokee/English phonetics to tell how they are sounded in Cherokee.  Each name is written in Cherokee symbols of the syllabary.  Here is a sample of the more than 1,000 names. – $10.00

Angela      e (ne) tsa la     an ja la

Arleen       a que le ni       ah kway lay ne

Bill             wi li                  we lee

Brad           qua (di)           kwad

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 Nature Names


Nature Names: is a word list with pictures of animals and creatures, with a descriptive sentence in Cherokee and English. – $10.00

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Flash Cards


Flash Cards: This study tool aids in learning and remembering the syllabary through visual association.   They symbol and its phonetic tone is shown in a picture that serves as a key to quick recall. – $10.00

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Idioms and Sayings, Just For Fun

Idioms and Sayings

Idioms and Sayings, Just For Fun is not only meant for fun, but is also meant to give a better understanding of the Cherokee language.  It is another way to teach sentence structure, while at the same time giving the students of the language something to dwell on.  Many, if not all the sayings in this book will be familiar to you in English, so therefore should be interesting to you to learn as many of them as you can in Cherokee. – $10.00


ax to grind                  galusdi-astosdi

backseat driver          onidilvdila-ahilidohi

fit to be tied                yeliigidi-dikanelv

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Possessives in Cherokee Made Easy


Possessives in Cherokee Made Easy:  This is a study on the proper way to show possession in speaking or writing Cherokee.  It will reveal another depth and complexity of the Cherokee language.  Your confidence in handling the language will be helped as you know the correct terms for usage.  This study deals with the anatomy of the body, the family, and other general items. – $15.00

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Conversation Starters


Conversation Starters in Cherokee: Some years ago I was asked, “What do you say after o si yo to hi tsu?  That honest straight forward question never quit nagging or pressing me.  Then I’ve had others say, “I know lots of words but I don’t know how to put them into sentences”.  In this study I have put sentences that you can say, in several different situations after “o si yo  to hi tsu”. – $10.00


Hello                               o si yo

Are you well?                 to hi tsu

What is your name?     ga do de tsa do

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Out of the Flame – Cherokee Beliefs & Practices of the Ancients


Out of the Flame – Cherokee Beliefs & Practices of the Ancients by James Adair edited and reprinted by Willena Robinson.  This book was originally published in 1775 in London, England.  It is the oldest record dealing with Cherokee beliefs and customs that is known.  This book is rare and is no longer on the market.  Very few libraries have been able to acquire or retain a copy for their reference division. – $25.00

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Conjugation Made Easy


Conjugation Made Easy: Cherokee Verb Study by Prentice Robinson

This study gives some more understanding of the complexity of verb usage.  It is an effort to introduce a basic understanding of verb tenses.  The elder who taught the class I attended in 1972, when I began to read and write, believed determination with attention to the information read was the reason for learning to read.  That is why so many learned the syllabary early in the eighteen hundreds. – $20.00

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Cherokee Dictionary


Easy to use Cherokee Dictionary by Prentice Robinson.   You can look up words from A-Z to pronounce it correctly in the Cherokee language.  Words such as brothers, dating, restaurant, truck and umbrella to name a few.  This book is very helpful in learning the correct way to pronounce words in Cherokee. – $20.00

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Cherokee Study Course I – Beginning Cherokee


Workbook of Beginning Cherokee Language by Prentice Robinson

This booklet is designed to be used with or without an instructor.  The CD which comes with it will pronounce, explain and give instructions to all the lessons.  This workbook is a basic beginning study containing sixteen lessons with some everyday vocabulary, sentences, and phrases.  It gives the student an opportunity to practice writing the Sequoyian Syllabary and at the same time learning the correct pronounciation using the CD.  This study is in the Western or Overhill dialect, but can be used by both groups, since there is very little difference in the two dialects. – $25.00

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Cherokee Study Course II – Intermediate Cherokee


Workbook of Intermediate Cherokee Language (Study Course II) – by Prentice Robinson

This study course is a intermediate study written and spoken in conversational Cherokee.  There are twenty-two lessons, dealing mainly with sentences using who, what, where, when, why and others; such as, go, tell, stay, etc.  It is an easy to use uncomplicated format.  The varied difficulties of the language have been omitted.

This study differs from the beginning course in that it is more conversational, meaning that many of the final vowels are silent.  When this happens, it is shown by the parenthesis around that syllable.  When you have a silent vowel, the consonant is pronounced with proceeding syllable.  This work is in the Western or Overhill Dialect, however both dialects can use it.  A quiz for each lesson with answers is at the back of the book. – $25.00

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Cherokee Hymns History & Hmm!


Cherokee Hymns History & Hmm!

The very language of the Cherokee is musical.  The phonetic sounds are the musical tones.  Early contacts and various sources from earliest times have mentioned this in reference to their language.  It works will in musical form due to the syllabic structure and reliance on pitch to communicate shades of meaning.  The songs are arranged in sequence as they are recorded on Volume I and Volume II CDs sold separately. – $20.00

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