Cherokee Culture 1500-1820

d cherokee culture 1500-1820

Cherokee Culture 1500-1820 examines the life and traditions of the Cherokee people prior to European contact.  Experience a day in the life of the Cherokees.  This program discusses marriage, crafts, hunting and spiritual issues.  It expands to include the time of contact with the European trappers and traders up to 1820, exploring the relationship between the Native Americans and the settlers. – $15.00

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The Cherokee Odyssey (Trail of Tears)

d Cherokee Odyssey

Between 1825 and 1850 the Cherokees experienced much upheaval and social change.  Ultimately the Cherokees would be removed from their ancestral homeland and would divide into the Ridge and Ross factions.  As tensions built, the two parties were forced to move west.  Experience the travail of this journey in the Cherokee Odyssey as the tribe loses one quarter of its people on the infamous Trail of Tears. – $15.00

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A Nation Within A Nation

d-A nation with in a nation

The war between the states had a great impact on the Native Americans living in Arkansas and Indian Territory (Oklahoma).  Geographically, this area formed a buffer between North and South.  Both sides wanted control.  Old wounds are reopened between factions of the Cherokee Nation as they are pressured to choose sides.  A Nation Within a Nation…At War examines the escalation of conflict between the years 1850 and 1870 and its consequences for the Cherokees. – $15.00

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A New Life Begins – Reconstruction

d a new life begins

A New Life for the Cherokees deals with the changes that came about for all Americans in the aftermath of the Civil War.  As the Nation tries desperately to piece together its broken trust, the Native Americans continue to try to assimilate into the new America.  This video deals with the years between 1865-1880. – $15.00

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A-TSI-NV-S-TI – Faithful Messenger

d faithful messenger

The works of Samuel Austin Worcester – This story reveals how the Cherokee became recognized as a separate nation by the Supreme Court in the 1800s.  Samuel Austin Worcester was imprisoned for his beliefs as he stood by the Cherokees before, during, and after the Trail of Tears.  The story examines the difference one person can make through dedication and sacrifice.  Worcester spent his life translating major works into Cherokee Language.   Shot on location in historic Tahlequah, OK, capital of the Cherokee Nation.  This film received the “Honorable Mention” Cindy Award. – $15.00

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Willard Stone: Against the Odds

d Willard Stone Against the Odds

Willard Stone: Against the Odds features a man who overcame a physical handicap to become a great artist.  He influenced the Cherokee Nation by inspiring others to succeed in an era when Native American art was not given much consideration.  During his lifetime, he received the Indian of the Year Award and was nationally recognized for his expressive sculptures.  Stone’s works are found in New York’s Kennedy Gallery and the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. – $15.00

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Jerome Tiger: The Man and His Legacy

d Jerome Tiger

Jerome Tiger: explores the life and legacy of an extraordinary Indian Artist who accomplished more in his 26 years of life than many artists in their entire career.  Born to a Creek-Seminole heritage, Jerome is known for developing a unique style which thrust him to the forefront of the art world.  Explore his works depicting the main themes of the stomp dance and the game of stick ball, as well as his realistic portrayal of family life and the Trail of Tears. – $15.00

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Woodrow Haney Flute Maker

d woodrow Haney flute maker

Woodrow Haney was a flute maker who used the flute as part of his story telling of Native American culture and history.  For seven years he was a storyteller, lecturer, demonstrator and flute maker for the National Parks Service before he began traveling to schools around the country with his flute.  In earlier years, he was a minister who functioned as an interpreter for his people in courts for land sales and other transactions.  He played an important role in bringing peace between the church goers and Pow Wow attendees.  – $15.00

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Charles Banks Wilson

d Charles Banks Wilson

Charles Banks Wilson features a renowned Oklahoma artist who is nationally recognized for his contribution to the Indian art world.  Growing up with a blind grand mother, Wilson learned to interpret the details of life both verbally and artistically.  Wilson has sought out the last of the “pure bloods” and captured them forever in his lithographs and paintings.  He has depicted Oklahoma history in four murals which are housed in the capital building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. – $15.00

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Bill Rabbit: Master Artist

d bill rabbit master artist

This program highlights a Cherokee artist whose paintings reflect the everyday life of his people.  His work as a silversmith allowed him to develop a style of intricate lines and details.  He is a versatile artist who has earned several awards and recognitions including having his work exhibited in the Smithsonian Institute.  His work is represented in numerous private and public collections throughout the United States, British Columbia, England and Saudi Arabia. – $15.00

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The Trial of Archilla Smith

d trial of Archilla Smith

Accused of murder, Archilla Smith is on trial for this life.  Against a backdrop of recent tribal revenge killings, Cherokee justice and mercy are put to the test.  Watch the trial and you decide Archillas’ guilt or innocence.  This hour long program comes directly from the transcripts of the actual trial  Shot in the historic Cherokee Courthouse in Tahlequah, experience the trial with Native American Actors in period dress. – $15.00

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Package Deal – Cherokee History Package four DVDs

d history package

Get all 4 DVDs of the Cherokee History – The series includes the Cherokee Culture 1500-1820, The Cherokee Odyssey (Trail of Tears), A Nation Within A Nation & A New Life Begins.  $45.00

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